Pivot Bandsaw

Pivot Bandsaw is a type of saw designed for professional use. It can be used for both wood and metal cutting jobs and you can make very fast and precise cuts. It is a tool that you can easily use in both simple home repair works and professional construction projects.

The most important feature of the Pivot Bandsaw is that it has a more mobile blade than other types of saws. This feature makes the cutting process easier and faster. You can also fix the blade at different angles so you can more easily access the material you want to cut.

Another advantage of the Pivot Bandsaw is that it is easy to transport. It is generally lightweight and can be easily disassembled and reassembled. In this way, you can use it wherever your work requires. Also, if you have limited space, you can easily store the Pivot Bandsaw.

Pivot Bandsaw is also versatile.

It can be used to cut many materials such as wood, metal, plastic. Therefore, you can use it in many different areas, from your home repair work to your construction projects.

All in all, the Pivot Bandsaw is a great tool for professional and home use. With its fast, precise and versatile features, it makes your cutting operations easier and helps you save time.

If you want to speed up your work with its easy use and practicality, the Pivot Bandsaw may be the product for you.

Pivot Bandsaw saw machines are machines that work on a movable body articulated to the corner point obtained as a result of design calculations, and move in the vertical axis with the help of a single hydraulic piston and throttle valve.

These machines contain one or more knuckle springs for a rigid movement of the upper moving body.

In addition, equipment such as gear reducer and gear motor are located on the pulley, which coincides with the center point where the movement is provided to provide the center of gravity.

Although Pivot Bandsaw machines have a large clamp capacity in the horizontal direction, the vertical clamp dimensions are limited compared to columnar machines. These models are generally developed by turning from the hub (angling) system instead of giving a clamp angle. However, in angled cuts, they may cause distance loss due to the band saw blade approaching the clamp blocks.

Pivot Bandsaw are smaller than columnar band saw machines in terms of structure and clamp dimensions. However, they have the opportunity to cut faster than columnar machines.