Radial Drilling Machine

Drilling machines can be classified according to their types and usage areas. The suitable bench for each drill type differs. Various types of drills, such as hand drills, column drills, radial drill stands, also use different machines.

What is a Radial Drilling Machine?

Benches are tools often used in large factories and workshops where a drill is used for extensive work and repair of large machines. These machines are used for drilling large and heavy parts.

These machines play a very important role in industrial work and enable large-scale repair and assembly operations to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

In addition, these machines make it possible to process and dimension large parts.

Thanks to its strong and durable construction, the machines are also long-lasting and can withstand heavy workloads. In addition, because it is easy to use and highly accurate, it enables workers to do their work more efficiently and accurately.

As a result, machine tools play an important role in large-scale industrial work, and their strong, durable and precise construction facilitates demanding operations such as the repair and assembly of large machines.

Radial Drilling Machine Features

There is a body on the Radial Drilling Machine that can rotate towards every area in a round shape. The block where the drill spindle is located can be moved over this body and the machine can be adjusted back and forth according to the situation of the work.

Thanks to the 360-degree moving bodies of these workbenches, which offer ease of use especially in heavy works, large and heavy machines, drilling operations can be done very easily. Generally, large construction machines are used in factory-style places. If a drill is required in the event of a malfunction in these machines, operations can be done much easier and faster thanks to Radial Drilling Machine. If you are going to work with such benches, a very large working area is required.

With its features such as easy adjustment and use for very large diameter machines, it has largely replaced the vertically designed drill stands. The spindle in Radial Drilling Machine is connected to a head and this head is easily moved with an arm attached to the column. Since this arm can be rotated 360 degrees, the maintenance of heavy machinery can be done very easily in this way.